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How to burn Sage, the right way.

Thanksgiving is steadily tiptoeing upon us and even though we’re in a pandemic, for most people the festivities must go on. I do encourage everyone to still practice safety measures, wear your mask, and try as best as you can to keep the head count at 10 and under. Thanksgiving is a time where families get together to eat, celebrate, and give thanks. This year I’m certain Thanksgiving will mean so much more to everyone. Some loved ones will not be able to attend due to Covid and that may be hard for some families to handle. I suggest burning sage before you begin cooking dinner and after family leaves. With that being said, let’s get to the step by step instructions on how to burn sage. Remember, burn with caution.

1. Before you begin to burn your smudge stick, crack open a window to allow a slight breeze. By opening a window, you allow the negative energy to leave you home as well as dispersing any smoke build up. Be sure to have a smudge bowl, Abalone Shell, or ash tray ready to catch the ash.

2. Begin lighting the tip of your smudge stick for about 15 to 30 seconds. Rotate the smudge stick gently to produce a nice spark. It is recommended to use a match for lighting. If you are having difficulty getting a light, do not untie smudge stick. Try to separate the sticks just a little without dismantling the entire smudge stick. It is common for the fire to go out. Simply relight smudge stick as needed.

3. Once you have a nice smoldering ash forming you can go ahead and blow it out before you begin smudging your home. Start smudging in the room farthest from the entrance/exit of the home. Move the stick around the room starting from high to low then side to side. Most people have special prayers or blessings they use but, you do not have to use any if you don’t want to. Everyone has different beliefs, so you do what ever it is that makes you feel comfortable.

4. Repeat the smudging process for every room or person you may need to smudge. The process for smudging people is the same, start up, then down, and side to side.

The process is simple. As you use the sage to cleanse negative energy, use Palo Santo stick to add good energy. Hold the Palo Santo stick downward and light it at 45 degree angle. Go into it with a positive vibe, an open mind, and an open heart. Release all the negative energy you maybe manifesting and make it your duty to enjoy this holiday season.

We all have witnessed in the past few months’ that life is unpredictable and not promised. Cleans your home, your spirit, and look forward positively to the whatever’s ahead.



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