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How to correctly burn candles. The Do’s and Don’ts

Burning candles should be a no brainer, right? But in all actuality, there is a method to getting the best scents from your candles. Most customers purchase a candle in store, and it smells amazing, but when they bring it home, well, they smell nothing. To be fair, sometimes a candle does not give of a scent depending on how it is made, or you haven’t burned it long enough. To get the full scent throw of candles you must burn them for at least 2 hours.

Give the candle some time. The higher the temperature of the wax, the more energy you give the oil molecules to collide with each other and evaporate into the air. The molecules then diffuse through the air and eventually to your nose filling your house with whatever scent you please. Hopefully the scent you chose smells good.

Burn at least one 8oz candle for every 10sq ft. It is usually better to burn different candles in different spaces to get the full effect and scent of the candles. Absolutely do not place candles near any air vents, heaters or radiators. They may distort the smell of the candles. Yes, air vents can affect how your candle smells. It can take away the strength. Do not light candles to mask odors. It can mix with the funk and make it smell worst.

Last and certainly not least, practice safety precautions. Make sure you put your scented candle on a flat heat-resistant surface. Keep the candles away from curtains, children, clumsy adults, pets, or anything flammable. If you have long hair try not to lean into the candle because your hair may get burned, and if you have some extensions that are not real, stop, drop, and roll or submerge it in water because they will catch on fire. If you have more than one candle in the same room, be sure to place them at least 3 inches apart. With that being said, I hope you enjoy burning your candles. Good Luck.


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